How do we protect

our elders from accidents at home?
  • Who We Are
    We are a call Service for the Elderly and Disabled during times of loneliness. You as a Sponsor for your family member or love one, can purchase a membership package to have one of  our Samaritan Reps call...
  • Samaritan Training
    Training Our Samaritan Reps are educated in communication and studies of social interaction with the elderly and disabled. We also give them strict guidelines and procedures to follow when communicating with your love ones. Even though the...
  • Samaritan Caller
    Each of our members will always have the same Samaritan Rep calling them for their schedule call. It is very important for your family member or love one, to always hear the same familiar voice and it...

The Feelings of Loneliness and Isolation can lead to serious health consequences!

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  • Maria S.
    Hello, My name is Maria, I am so thankful for the calls that I receive from the Samaritan Caller. I'm...
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