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Samaritan Caller is a membership call service for the elderly and disabled, that was created in 2020 during the Coronavirus outbreak in America. We are 100% American based company.

After being quarantined at home for some 2 weeks and others months, our founder started to realize how many Americans live alone and depend on work in order to have social interaction with others. That's when he asked himself, what about the elderly?

Many of our Elderly whether they be family, friends or strangers, don't work and have lost the majority of their love ones and friends. For some, their love ones may be to busy or find it hard to make time in the busy lifestyle that we live today. With nothing much him to do during that time of just sitting around and waiting for the quarantine to be over, our founder started to do some research on how loneliness affects the elderly and the health benefits of social interaction with others. His findings you can read more in the Faqs about loneliness section , but also with the feeling of loneliness that he himself felt during this short time in our history,  he felt that there was something that needed to be done for our elderly in America, that face this loneliness every day. That is when the idea of creating the "Samaritan Caller" came to him.

The Samaritan caller is a call service for the elderly, disabled or someone that a family member, love one or organization may feel is in need of someone to talk to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  This a paid for membership by one of your love ones, organization or even yourself. We give daily calls to the members of our community, that may need human interaction to help increase the value and benefits of everyday life. We are a voice on the other end of the line, not just to listen but also to have conversations about daily activities that encourages our elderly neighbors and disabled friends to live life and not give up as some may have in the past, especially our love ones in rural areas that may be far away from family and friends. The idea behind this is to encourage life and remove the idea of mentally giving up while giving them ways to cope with loneliness. Having someone to talk to gives our family members and love ones hope and it encourages and stimulates them to do more while reminding them that because they are older, it does not mean life is over.

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Samaritan Reps

Our Samaritan reps: (your family, friends and neighbors), contact each of the members of our community based off of their customized packages. These packages also work around daily activities and times zones, where our members live all across the United States.  Each call will last a minimum of 30 mins but can be adjusted as desired according to pre-established membership packages. This gives our members time to discuss their weekly activities, ideas or thoughts with their Samaritan Rep. The Samaritan Rep encourages the idea of being happy and enjoying life and memories through the conversations they have. Our reps are directed by the questionnaires filled out by the sponsoring family member or friend on what topics to discuss and what not to discuss. Samaritan Reps also keep records of the conversation for family and love ones to review if needed, to help with family growth and mental encouragement outside of our schedule calls.


Our Samaritan Reps are educated in communication and studies of social interaction with the elderly and have strict guidelines and procedures to follow when communicating with your love ones that we create.

Even though the Samaritan Reps are not required by State Law to be certified, we understand and expect them to run into many of the same situations while having conversations with our members during their daily calls. Because of this reason all our Samaritan Reps are required to take and pass our online courses created by the Family Caregivers Alliance (FCA) and watch their online webinars.

Some topics of studies are;

  • Closing the Gap: How to Care from Afar
  • Five Tips for Improving a Difficult Day
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Spouse Caregiver Support
  • An Explorer’s Guide to Understanding Dementia
  • Behavioral Issues (Caregiver College Video Series)
  • When Sadness becomes Depression
  • Challenges of Aging and Caregiving in the LGBT Community

Along with the training all our reps are thoroughly background checked to insure none of our members are subject to any kind of misconduct and that our Samaritan Reps are qualified for their jobs.

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