Our Services

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Samaritan Caller is a call service that gives daily calls to the elderly and disabled members of our community, that…

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  • We Provide Peace of Mind

    We Provide Peace of Mind

    As our Samaritan Caller contact our members, we collect information on your family/friends' weekly activities and events. This information is…

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  • Health Benefits

    Health Benefits

    There are many health benefits that the older generation can gain through socializing and interacting with other people. Simon Pedzisi,…

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  • Samaritan Training

    Samaritan Training

    Our Samaritan Reps are educated in communication and studies of social interaction with the elderly and disabled. They also have…

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  • Samaritan Rep

    Samaritan Rep

    Our Samaritan reps: (your family, friends and neighbors), contact each of the members of our community based off of their…

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  • Personal Samaritan Caller

    Personal Samaritan Caller

    Each of our members will always have the same Samaritan Rep calling them for their schedule call. It is very…

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