Samaritan Caller

Each of our members will always have the same Samaritan Rep calling them for their schedule call. It is very important for your family member or love one, to always hear the same familiar voice and it makes it easier to pick up the conversation exactly where they left off.

The calls will be about daily activities, new additions to our members life, goals and future plans. The responsibility of the Samaritan rep is to have a conversation that inspires and create hope for our members to give them the feeling that there is much more they can do in life. The Samaritan Rep that contacts our members will always remain the same, unless there is a vacation or emergency. If this happens, the rep will let the member know and find out if they would like to postpone their calls until they return with new exciting stories or introduce a temporary Samaritan rep, to keep their schedule calls going.

Our Samaritan Reps are not medically trained, they do not give any medical advice. Their calls are just to give our members the feeling that they are not forgotten and gives them something tangible to look forward to through their weekly life. If for some reason one of our Samaritan Reps feels as though a member of our community is in some type of danger, it will be reported to their manager and law enforcement will be contacted.


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