Samaritan Training


Our Samaritan Reps are educated in communication and studies of social interaction with the elderly and disabled. We also give them strict guidelines and procedures to follow when communicating with your love ones.

Even though the Samaritan Reps are not required by State Law to be certified, we understand and expect them, to run into many of the same scenario home caregivers encounter during their daily calls. All our Samaritan Reps are required to take and pass our online courses created by the Family Caregivers Alliance (FCA) and watch their monthly online webinars.

Some topics of studies are;

  • Closing the Gap: How to Care from Afar
  • Five Tips for Improving a Difficult Day
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Spouse Caregiver Support
  • An Explorer’s Guide to Understanding Dementia
  • Behavioral Issues (Caregiver College Video Series)
  • When Sadness becomes Depression
  • Challenges of Aging and Caregiving in the LGBT Community

Along with training all our reps are thoroughly background checked, to ensure none of our members are subject to any kind of misconduct and that our Samaritan Reps are qualified for their position.

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