Who We Are

We are a call Service for the Elderly and Disabled during times of loneliness. You as a Sponsor for your family member or love one, can purchase a membership package to have one of  our Samaritan Reps call your love ones during their times of loneliness. Our Samaritan Reps will call your family members and love ones based of off the membership package you select. Once their weekly call schedule is  set for the member, that’s when the excitement will start and the new rep will contact your love one and introduce themselves. We encourage our sponsors to be apart of the soft call introduction if possible.

The Samaritan Rep will routinely call the member and create enjoyable conversations based off the answers to the questionnaire, that is filled out by our members’ sponsor . Our Reps will not touch on topics that is stated in questionnaire as “topics to not discuss”. They will also not discuss religion, politics or deaths of any love ones, or other topics that may we may classify as topics not to discuss.

The calls will be about daily activities, new additions to members life, goals and future plans. The responsibility of the Samaritan rep, is to have a conversations that inspire and create hope for our members and the feeling that there is much more they can do in life. The Samaritan Rep that contacts our members will always remain the same, unless there is a vacation or emergency. If this happens, the rep will let the member know and find out if they would like to postpone their calls until they return with new exciting stories or introduce a temporary Samaritan rep, to keep their schedule calls going.

Our rep will inspire the Members to try new things throughout the week to talk about on up coming calls, as well as discussing different issues that the member may have encounter.

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