My name is Maria, I am so thankful for the calls that I receive from the Samaritan Caller. I'm a widow with a very successful and busy son.  I know he loves me and tries his best to give me the attention that I need, but I also understand that life now a days is very busy. That's why when he purchased me a membership from Samaritan Caller and  introduced me to my Samaritan Caller Jason, it really added something extra to my weekly life. We talk about all sorts of things, it was a little different at first because I never met Jason in person, but it also made it easier to open up to him. We tell jokes to each other and laugh as I relive memories of my past. I honestly thinks he may enjoy our conversation more than I do, I so look forward to my weekly calls. I have told some of my friends about this service and I do recommend it to anyone that I meet on my way to doctors appoints and daily outings. It has so encouraged me to do so much more, see more and definitely gives me more to look forward to. Thank you Samaritan Callers for adding a little more extra joy to my life. I just love Jason, he's a joy to my life.

Maria Samuels,